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Tiwatope Savage, also known as Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian vocalist, has used her latest track to address her sex tape issue, which was revealed online a few months ago.

Tiwa Savage confronts the matter of her sex tape scandal, which had the internet buzzing for a time, in the Amapiano record ‘Loaded,‘ which features YBNL star boy, Asake. She said that the person who leaked the video blackmailed her for money.

Furthermore, the music diva, speaking in Yoruba, claims that the sex tape will not harm her life because it was just for a short time. She also referenced the iconic phrase from Black Sheriff’s ‘Kwaku The Traveller,’ “Who never f***k up, hands in the air.”

” $exxtape ko le ba aye mi j na Who never f**k, hands in the air,” he says.

Obviously, Tiwa Savage, who is still upset about the leaked tape issue, claims that bloggers used her leaked film after it was leaked in order to ruin her name and legacy following her success in the industry over the years.

Meanwhile, Tiwa’s decision to address the sex tape saga in her song is perhaps her way of putting the matter on the bed despite the fact that the tape did nothing to affect her music career.