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“Police should act or we will take law into our own hands” Bella Shmurda rages as he mourns Late Mohbad

Following the tumultuous death of the Afrobeat Gem, Mohbad, his close buddy Bella Shmurda, has passionately extended the narrative to a new level.

Since Mohbad’s untimely death, Nigerians have been seeking justice, and his close friend, Bella Shmurda, is no exception, having recently embarked on a new journey for justice.

He has already challenged the Nigerian Police Department to conduct a thorough investigation if they do not wake up to the need to deal with unhappy individuals who have opted to take the law into their own hands.

Bella Shmurda had a significant role in Mohbad’s melancholy life, as he stood with him in the toll bullies supposedly placed on him by Naira Marley and his team.

Bella Shmurda has been devastated by Mohbad’s death, and he has been determined to obtain justice for Mohbad.

Ranting on Twitter, He said:

“For the past few days now,have being deliberating on what to do while for the authorities of the Nigerian police of atleast get one or people involved in maltreatment nd malicious act towards Mohbad”

“Since he died his spirit have not left me saying a lot of things in my head pointing hands to people that needs to be dealt with in my dreams I got to Canada just few days before he died which I make I went to see him I tell him my plans before leaving as per my g as usual I’m here to see my family nd also kick start my tour but I can’t anymore I’m not mentally in shape for it nd I will be back in few days but regardless Mohbad submitted lots nd lots of petition against this people nd act towards him complained shouted
But the Nigerian police are so driven with nepotism nd non challant atitude toward this matter until this boy is no more”