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Portable, CEO of Zeh Nation, is not taking the allegations against Nollywood star Charles Okocha lightly.

A few days ago, the Zazuu singer resorted to social media to accuse Charles Okocha of duping him out of a 40-million-naira ambassadorial position.

Charles Okocha, in reaction to the singer, revealed that he reached out to assist him because no one wanted to work with him.

Charles stated that he flew Portable and his crew to Abuja and paid for their two-day stay at Transcorp.

He said that when the Zeh Nation executive was about to leave, he gave him 5 million naira only for him to repay his compassion with disloyalty and an attempt to paint him badly in order to harm his name.

Portable quickly responded to the actor, daring him to show up in Lagos if he has what it takes.

In a saying, the singer stated that whoever does not show you the route is not meant to know your destination.

He further claimed that N40 million was paid to the actor and that he is entitled to a portion of it.