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A video that went viral online captured an argument between a mother and her daughter about the type of man she wants as a husband.

The mother summoned her daughter to the sitting room and asked her who she preferred to settle down with out of all the suitors who had asked for her hand in marriage.

The girl reminded her mother of her long-held fascination with controversial singer Habeeb “Portable” Okikiola.

But her mother chastised her and warned her not to bring Portable to their home because she would not tolerate it.

Interestingly, the lady insisted that she adores the Zazuu star and that she prefers ‘rough’ men.

Her mother stated that she would go fasting and praying to prevent such an unwelcome idea, and in response, the young lady began throwing tantrums.

She went on to share words of advise with her that she is beautiful and she should go for a respectable, handsome man.

Watch the video below: