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Gift Camille, the embattled singer Lil Frosh’s ex-girlfriend, loses her cool after being called a liar for making false claims to ruin the singer’s career.

It should be noted that the TikTok influencer’s domestic abuse allegations against her ex-boyfriend were recently revisited, eliciting a different set of reactions.

On Valentine’s Day, Gift Camille took to her Instagram page to roll out stunning photos in celebration of the Lover’s Day but was met with hateful comments.

A social media user wrote in the comment,

“No think say we don forget wetin you do! After this valentine, na kirikiri you dey go.”

In response to that particular comment, Gift maintained her claims while lambasting the continued disbelief of her story.

In her words;

“Anyone that feels I made abuse of my power (like I have any lol ) can simply sue back its really not that hard ! Na there una for know who dey lie n who no dey lie but yall chose to be blinded by hate!

“When una don tire una go rest! The hate never bothered me anyways! It’s the fact that most of you know the truth! But just choose to go with the crowd. Sully ass mfs just pray you’re never accused of something you didn’t do!”