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Kwesi Arthur – Pain Interlude
Kwesi Arthur – Pain Interlude

Ghanaian stunning rap artist and singer, Kwesi Arthur deliver an impressive Hip-hop song called ‘Pain Interlude’.
Kwesi Arthur begins the year 2023 with this hit and already trending track ‘Pain Interlude’, following a glorious and successful performance last year following his released bangers.

In his new single ‘Pain Interlude,’ Kwesi Arthur draws on his past and present to share his emotional stress with the world. The song, which follows a few weeks of collaboration with Kofi Mole, is more introspective.

The self-reflective nature of the lyrics is not surprising, as it is a hallmark of Kwesi Arthur’s songs. This artful song channels the pain of betrayal, lost friendship, and disbelief by those who were supposed to see his dream and help him achieve it.

And, in a time when trust is hard to come by, Kwesi expresses his disappointment with people who betrayed him. Kwesi is open, blunt, honest, and transparent about his internal battles with his relationships, which he believes will never be the same. But he refuses to let these experiences wear him down. He pushes through the discomfort. Set aside your regrets as he sings.

This is his first official release of the year. Following its high streams, the ear-catching piece of music is already causing a noticeable mania in various digital streaming platforms.

The song is in the Hip-Hop genre and features Kwesi Arthur’s vibrant and sensible rapping skills.

Listen and share your thought below:


Quotable Lyrics;

Make I talk about the steps
on thema necks
Make I talk about the vex me I no be pressed
If I talk about the stress e no go make it less
My big homies turned to bitch homies what be next
I no fit dwell on regrets, fuck a rewind
Lately I no fit dey sleep been trapping all the time
Toss and turn, toss and turn like all the time
I dey strike them dey feel say I be number 9

Make I talk about the pain
No pain, no gain
We go never be the same

Make I talk about the pen, I pick it up
Feet don’t fail me through the fire,
I’ve been heating up
If I gyemi right now, is it all enough?
Officer e just be locks I no be criminal
E be scars on my body no be tattoo
Them dey watch me like a monkey them be baboons
Be like all be lie Junior
Class clown get the last laugh
E dey pain them I do what them say I can’t do