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In this Ugandan tribe, the bride’s aunt has sexual contact with the groom to assess his sexual prowess

The Banyankole tribe of South Uganda holds virginity in high regard. Because she must be a virgin, the man must likewise be excellent in bed.

This Ugandan tribe has taken aunties interfering in a couple’s marriage to a new level.

It is the aunt’s obligation to guarantee that the bride has kept her virginity and that the groom is proficient in bed before the wedding night when the marriage is consummated.

At the age of eight, the aunt begins to groom the young girl for marriage. Once she develops breasts, she ought not to have sex. A bride who is not a virgin is considered of less value and suffers social exclusion or even the death penalty.

The Banyankoles consider fatness to be a sign of attractiveness. Young girls are kept indoors and fed beef, millet porridge, and a lot of milk to make them fat.

The aunt’s duties

The aunt has sex with the groom as a potency test for the groom to certify his sexual prowess and also to teach the bride what her husband-to-be will be like. She is also asked to “test” to see if the bride is still a virgin.

In this Ugandan tribe, the bride's aunt has sex with the groom to test his sexual prowess

The wedding preparations begin when the husband pays the bride price. When the father kills a cow on the wedding day, there is a lot of feasting at the bride’s house.

There is a second feast in the groom’s house when the marriage is completed after the bride’s aunt “tests” her niece’s virginity and has sex with the groom to gauge his sexual prowess.

After the marriage, the aunt will even observe or listen in while the bride and groom engage in sexual activity to help the couple improve their sex life.

Although this archaic custom may seem strange, it demonstrates how the Banyankole people, especially the Bahima tribe, value virginity.