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“I left Marlian Records after I learned that they want to kill Mohbad” Ex-Marlian signee, Tori Keeche discloses a shock

Nigerian musician and ex-Marlian signee, Tori Keeche has revealed the hardship that led to her abrupt discharge from the high-profile record company.

Nigerians have pulled the teenager into expressing her own point of view following Mohbad’s death and her connection with Naira Marley.

Before disclosing the reason he left Marlian Records, she shunned Nigerians to stop tackling her nerves and debunked ever being connected to Naira Marley. She also announced that she has parted ways with the Record Label.

According to his revelation, she outlined that she left Naira Marley’s Record Label after he digested dangerous plots they had planned to deploy on the status of the struggling singer.

The plots involved death and assaults which they likely deployed on him till he foresaw his sudden death.

Tori also added that since she left the Label, she has been threatened vastly, even though she tried to help Mohbad, she was also heavily bashed off her grind.

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